This course if designed to expose students to the basic concepts of Sets in preparation for further study of mathematics particularly the aspects that relate to Algebra.

This course is meant to expose 100level students in microbiolgy to the introdutory part of microbiolohgy as a means of enlighmtenment

This course is meant to expose 100 level student in the B.Sc. Business Administration programme to the Macroeconomic
environment in Nigeria and globally and it applicability to the Business Environment.

This course is meant to expose 100 level students in the B.Sc Business Administration

programme to historical roots of science. Apart from being part of general knowledge, the course is to stimulate interest of students in knowing how the scientist works and apply this to their academic work and social and personal activities.

Welcome to the Course Research Methods (EDU111).  The course is designed to equip you with knowledge and skills needed to unearth the truth when confronted with challenging issues or problem in your discipline

The main objective of auditing is to ensure the financial reliability of any organization. Independent opinion and judgement, form the objectives of auditing. Auditing also helps to ensure that the books of accounts are kept according to the rules stipulated in the Companies Act and whether the books of accounts show a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company or not. This course, Introduction to Auditing will provide 100 level students with requisite knowledge needed for Advance Audit and Assurance. 


The course is meant to introduce the B.Sc Business Administration students at the 100 level to the basic principles of starting their own business. 
It is designed to guide and build up the confidence of the students to be successful entrepreneurs.

This course introduces you to the historical develpoment of English Language in Nigeria, the importance of English Language and the phenomenon of interference as a hindrance to the teaching and learnig of English in Nigeria.

This course is meant to expose 100 level students to the basic of programming. At the end of this course, every student should be able to develop functional applications.